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Postprocessing RegExTratcor output for analysis

In order to analyze your data in a chart tool like Excel, you have to to manage five steps.
Define your search termsSearch your files with RegExTractorCreate a transformation fileTransform your xmlImport the transformed xml into Excel and analyze your data. RegExTractor don't want to reinvent the wheel. It's just closing a gap. It enables you to "convert" a text file (or a part of it) into xml. I've already explained the main principles of point 1 and 2 in the "Getting Started" tutorials. And this is all RegExTractor is doing for you.

For the next steps we'd like to use mature tools and technologies instead of inventing new ones. In this post I'd like to show, how to go the whole way to get an Excel chart out of your data.

Remember the example log from the "Getting Started" tutorials. As this is a log from one of my applications I know, that every message contains the class name and the method from which the log entry was written.